Monday, December 28, 2015

'Fairest', Coming in the spring of 2016

My story, 'Fairest' comes out in 2016, written under the name of K.S. Trenten. It will be in Prizm's 'Rainbows Come in All Colors' line. 'Fairest' is a retelling of several old fairy tales in a unique femslashy blend. It's a story of magic, broken hearts, and hearts healed in surprising places, as a young princess unravels the mystery of the witch, who cursed her as an infant. Everyone else is afraid of this witch, but the princess is strangely drawn to her, as she finds out more and more about her. Unraveling this mystery only increases her determination to save the witch from her loneliness, even as she struggles to save herself. For whether it's a bite from an apple, or a prick from a spindle, no one knows what you will change into, once the curse falls upon you.

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