Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Paula's Prompt

Here's my immediate response to @PTWyant's Wednesday prompt, involving smoke, twilight, and a broken lock. It's a rough draft for a scene I'm writing for 'Seven Tricks', a Christmas story inspired by 'The Nutcracker'.

Twilight is our friend. When the sun starts to set, the humans can’t see as clearly. It’s a time to scamper and collect the crumbs from their tables. 

I’m done with my crumb collecting. I want you. As a mouse prince, I get what I want. 

The young human has tried to lock her door, but the lock is broken. Her brute of a brother is constantly banging against it, hitting it, and smashing it. Not that the lock would have stopped me. There are cracks in the walls. Tunnels leading everywhere. I follow one of them into the girl’s room. 

She’s sitting up in bed, cradling you in her arms. Perhaps she senses someone wants to take you from her. One of her dolls watches the two of you with unhappy glass eyes. Poor thing, with her ridiculously huge eyes and complete lack of a muzzle, she’s no match for your beauty. Once more, I admire your enormous jaw, although you have a bandage tied around it. 

Rage leaves me wanting to gnash and rend! Who did this to you? Was it that girl, who dares to hold you as if you belong to her? The odor of roasted nuts wafts up from your solid body, nestled in her arms. Or it simply the smoke, which clung to the fire, burning with careless peril on the hearth below. 

I spring upon the doll, who’s taken completely off guard. Even if she wasn’t, she’s just a doll. Her mistress can’t hear her cry. 

Only the human child turns to me, staring at me with oversized eyes very like the doll. 

“You think you can break him and get away with it?” I chitter. “Give me the nutcracker or I’ll bite this doll, until she cracks!” 

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