Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Blogging From A-Z April Project

Quartz: Let me out of here! Stupid author locked me in this crystal coffin! The tyrant refues to let me out until ‘Fairest’ is republished! Curse her, I won’t stand for this! Thinks she’s so clever, so in control! Well, I can still talk, even if I can’t get out, so listen, you readers, to what I’ve got to say. 

If you don’t know who I am, I’m Quartz. That’s right, the most mistreated dead dwarf in the history of Seven Dwarf renditions. I didn’t even make it into the main plot of ‘Fairest’, only the flashbacks. Well, I’ll get my own, you hear me? I’ve here to haunt my author and this Cauldron, let both know I’ve got a name and a voice! Now all my brothers want names, too, only a couple of them have gotten them. I’m more ambitious than the rest, though. I’m not going to let being dead get in the way of having my own story! In the meantime, I’m making plenty of noise here, especially with what’s coming up in April. 

Last year, our author participated in the Blogging From A-Z April Challenge with the theme, ‘My Characters Have the Last Word’. Heh, that when we took over the Cauldron of Eternal Inspiration. It’s belonged to the characters ever since, although our author still deludes herself into thinking this is her blog. (smirks) She’s gotten involved in a group called ‘Rainbow Snippets’, which posts six sentences of fiction every Saturday. This gave her the idea of doing ‘Character Snippets’. One of the characters who appeared last year is going to return for each letter, only this time appearing with about six sentences (more or less) of the story they appeared in. 

Amberwyne: Greetings! (bows) I’m Amberwyne or Amber to those closest to me. I’ll accept the Challenge on Saturday, April 1, 2017 in ‘A is for Amberwyne’. I’ll present a snippet of my existence as a character within my player’s imagination, which comes from the Work In Progress, ‘The Players Are the Thing’. 

Briar: How do you do? (curtseys) I’m Briar. I shall magically appear in the Cauldron on Monday; April 3, 2017 with a brief glimpse of my presence in my authors’s first published novella, ‘Fairest’.  (Alas, she had to ask the rights back for my tale, but I’m hoping it shall emerge once more, in a new form, ready for you to read.)

Caerac: Can’t let a dead man rest in peace? Any more than you can spend any time on his Work in Progress! Forces beyond my control will resurrect me on Tuesday; April 4, 2017 in ‘C is for Caerac’. I should have a snippet of ‘Trouble at Caerac Keep’ with me at that time. 

Danyell: Oh, look, Dayell, there are readers here! Hello, readers! (waves at any readers)

Dayell: (without any enthusiasm) Hello. (mutters) Secrets lurk right behind your eye.

Danyell: Don’t mind him, he does that a lot. We’ll be here on Wednesday; April 5, 2017 in ‘D is for Danyell and Dayell’. We’ll have a snippet of ‘The Hand and the Eye of the Tower’, which our author will be revising during Camp NaNoWriMo. 

Dayell: She’s trying to get moving on self publishing our series. Not that I’m holding my breath.
Quartz: What have you got to complain about? You’re getting much more attention than I am!

Emma: Attention is fleeting. Rather like the appearances I’ve gotten in Paula’s Prompts, otherwise known as Wednesday Words. 

Quartz: At least you’ve gotten them!

Emma: Yes…I should be grateful to Paula Wyant for nudging our author into giving me attention.

Quartz: (a bit jealously) Paula likes me better, though. Don’t you, Paula?

Emma: Ahem, it feels very strange to be here talking like this. Normally I’m our author’s token character written in second person. Which I’ll be appearing in again on Thursday; April 6, 2017 in ‘E is for Emma’, along with a teaser from the Work in Progress called ‘Your Name is Emma’. 

Faith: Enough of this foolish banter! I’ll appear on Friday; April 7, 2017 to smite you all in 'F is for Faith’! Especially if I find out you've had anything to do with my despair in 'Trouble at Caerac Keep'. 

Grace: Um, I’ll be appearing on Saturday; April 8, 2017 in ‘G is for Grace’ with a little bit of ‘Wind Me Up, One More Time’. Also, you shouldn’t complain, Quartz. You at least appeared in a public work. Plus, you’ve only neglected for a year. I’ve been neglected for twenty. 

Quartz: Never mind that! Get on with it, Hector…introduce yourself. 

Hector: I’ll get onto it when I wish to, dwarf. I’ll have you keep a civil tongue in your head when addressing the foremost Trojan warrior! I shall be here on Monday; April 10, 2017 with a taste of my own tale, ‘Aissa and Polyxena’. 

Iama: Indeed, Quartz, you’re hardly the most tragic character here. Death is a much kinder fate than a life of loneliess in a tower surrounded by treasures. It may sound better, but I’ll reveal how it’s not. You’ll see on Tuesday; April 11, 2017 in ‘I is for Iama’. 

Quartz: Right, poor you. Poor tragic witch in her tower…

Briar: That can be a tragic fate, dear Quartz.

Quartz: Anyway, you’re up, Kevin!

Kevin: Top of morning to you! Or is it afternoon? Be sure to stop by the Tipsy Hedgehog for drinks. I’ll be serving at the bar in ‘K is for Kevin’ on Wednesday; April 12, 2017. Yes, it’s a trope in tales of adventurers, but bar fights aren’t quite what they used to be in ‘Trouble at Caerac Keep’. 

Leiwell: (smiles at everyone, including Kevin. Kevin blushes) Good afternoon, I’m-

Quartz: We know who you are…you got us barred from Facebook last year with your dreamy eyes proclamations of being willing to sacrifice yourself for your family and your master! Hmmph! They probably thought you were a terrorist, which in a way you are!
Danyell: (balling his fists and shaking them at Quartz) Don’t talk to our brother like that!

Dayell: (eyes glittering with an unearthly light) Yes, don’t. 

Leiwell (turns his smile towards his little brothers) It’s all right. I’m Leiwell. I’ll be here on Thursday; April 13, 2017 in ‘L is for Leiwell’ with a snippet from ‘The Hand and the Eye of the Tower’.

Quartz: (mutters) Creepy halflings…

Map: (brows bristling) Lay off my boys, you old rogue, or I’ll give you something to really complain about. You know I’ll be back in ‘M is for Map’ on Friday; April 14, 2017 in ‘The Hand and the Eye of the Tower’. 

Quartz: Yes, yes, which our author will be revising for Camp NaNoWriMo in April. Don’t rub it in!

Nathalie: I’ll be appearing in ’N is for Nathalie’ on Saturday; April 15, 2017. If anyone is rubbing it in, it’s you, Quartz. You’ve actually be in a published novella.

Quartz: Hmmph! Which is currently homeless. Oleander, go ahead. 

Oleander: (smoothing his blue black hair and giving Danyell sideways glances) Hello there, I’m Oleander. I’ll be here in delight you all, especially Danyell on Monday; April 17, 2017 with a teaser from ‘A Godling for Your Thoughts?’

Leiwell: (dangerously pleasant) Watch how delightful you attempt to be around my brother. 

Quartz: Hmmph, another hotshot character from a NaNoWriMo project! Never mind he’s never been in anything published! 

Phaedra: Not that we’re still published. We’re homeless right now. At least our author has found some potential homes for you. 

Briar: (gently) She’s looking for a new home for you, too, Phaedra. Why don’t you introduce yourself?

Phaedra: Hello, I’m Phaedra. I was in a published short story inspired by a classic, Plato’s ‘Symposium’. I’ll be back on Tuesday; April 18, 2017 with a snippet from ‘A Symposium in Space’. Or maybe it’ll be from my freebie story, ‘When I First Saw Her’.

Quartz: Better make up your mind before April 18th. As for me, I’m not settling for my brief moment in ‘Fairest’, not me! On Wednesday; April 19, 2017, I’ll be here in ‘Q is for Quartz’ in  a brand new Work In Progress, written all for me! Do you hear that, Paula?

Briar: (looking at Quartz with huge, dark eyes) Don’t you like my story?

Quartz: (a little gentler) It’s fine for you, my dear. A dwarf must have his own story, though. 

Rhane: I’ll be right after Quartz in ‘R is for Rhane’ on Thursday; April 19, 2017. I’ll come with a sample from ‘The Players Are the Thing’.

Amberwyne: (pointing at Rhane in delight) That’s my player!

Rhane: (blushing a bit) Err, yes. 

Seraphix: (smiling, appearing in whatever form is most attractive to the reader) Spare me a thought and a dream, sweet reader. I’ll be here to make them a reality on Friday; April 20, 2017 in ’S is for Seraphix’. 

Quartz: No, you’ll just be here to share a snippet from ‘A Godling for Your Thoughts?’ Hopefully, that’ll make you readers wary about listening to this creature! 

Seraphix: (sidling up to the coffin) I could bring you back to life, Quartz.

Quartz: Moving on! Thomas, you’re on. 

Thomas: (scowls at everyone) I’ll be showing up in ’T is for Thomas on Monday; April 24, 2017, so watch out! I’m going to pummel you monsters in ‘A Godling for Your Thoughts?’

Danyell: (scowling back) You can try!

Dayell: As if he could. 

Seraphix: (in an aside to Oleander) Perhaps he’s the one who should watch out?

Oleander: (quietly) He just doesn’t know what he truly wants yet. Or whom. 

Thomas: What was that?

Seraphix: (sweetly) Nothing, nothing at all. Next!

Quartz: (grumbles) These Navel Shadow Forest characters are such spotlight stealers. I’m the one who’s supposed to say ‘Next!’

Seraphix: Now, now, you’re a fantasy character. You shouldn’t even know what a spotlight is, shame on you!

Quartz: (loudly) Next!

Undine: Greetings, gentle readers. I’ll be your guide on Tuesday; April 25, 2017 for ‘U is for Una’, leading you through the perils of ‘Trouble of Caerac Keep’. 

Varwyth: (sniffs at the air, turning his head from right to left) Rhodry isn’t here. 

Danyell: He’s at the other Cauldron at inspirationcauldron.wordpress.com

Varwyth: How disappointing. I’ll just have to wait to enjoy the pleasure of his company in ‘V is for Varwyth’ on Wednesday; April 26, 2017. (smiles at Danyell, showing a hint of fang) Perhaps you’d like to entertain me in his absence?

(Danyell doesn’t get a chance to respond. Both Dayell and Leiwell pull him away from Varwyth, while Seraphix steps between them.)

Seraphix: (smiling, showing off a set of equally sharp teeth) Stick to your toys in your own universe. 

Varywyth: Because you never play in worlds other than your own? 

William: Please, everyone! (waving a pale hand) Let’s try and settle this amicably. Nobody wants a war between worlds. 

Seraphix (in a low voice) Speak for yourself. 

William: I shall on Thursday; April 27, 2017 in ‘W is for William’. I, too will share a snippet of ‘Trouble at Caerac Keep’. 

Quartz: It seems everyone lately is from ‘Trouble at Caerac Keep’! 

Xylanthe: My snippet will also be from ‘Trouble at Caerac Keep’, but it shall not be as fair as William’s. Taste a little of my tragedy in ‘X is for Xylanthe’ on Friday; April 28, 2017, if you dare.

Ylynessa: I’ll dare anything and risk much. Come and sample my own snippet of ‘Trouble at Caerac Keep’ on Saturday; April 29, 2017, if you have the stomach. 

Quartz: And now they’re all bragging and flexing their muscles! Fortunately, the last character is from somewhere else. 

Zoe: Yes, I am! I’ll be popping up on Monday; April 31, 2017 in ‘Z is for Zoe’ with a snippet from ‘Trouble at Caerac Keep’. 

Quartz: Well, there you have it. The whole bloody, blogging plan for April at this Cauldron. Lots of ‘The Hand and the Eye of the Tower’ and ‘A Godling for Your Thoughts?’ characters. Lots of ‘The Players Are the Thing’ characters. Way too many ‘Trouble at Caerac Keep’ characters! Hardly anything with Quartz in it!

Grace: Cheer up! At least you get to come out of the coffin in April!

Quartz…Don’t be punny! 

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