Sunday, May 21, 2017

Paula's Prompt

Hello, my poor Cauldron. I've been away for far too long. I imagine you still use cookies, which I should warn visitors about. You've been far too neglected. I've returned with a poem for you. You can thank Paula Wyant at for this. She posted a picture prompt back on Wednesday; May 10, 2017. I jotted it down, but I'm only now typing it up and sharing it with both you and her.  It's her picture which we're using today. As usual, it's a lovely one of a staircase going up through greenery. I've been so worried about Naples, about the caldera awakening under the city that it's been difficult to think of anything else. The result is this poem is uttered by the personification of a volcano which spoke to me with the voice of an entity which bring creation and destruction.

I’ve given you life, now I crave death
Reaching out from the roots of the earth
Hungrily grasping as you pluck my fruits
Creating pies you shape for hours with your clever fingers
Cavorting with my riches before the word
Claiming them as your own
Dare you to follow my green staircase?
It leads up and away from the fire
It’ll take you to the very source of the flame
The heart of fertile lands, nourished by rage
Thick vegetation layers itself on top of a grave
Just keep climbing, observing my empire
Right before my fury envelops it

Burning all this verdant life away. 

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