Sunday, February 21, 2016

Snippet from 'Never Lose Your Path, Your Patience, or Yourself'

Here's another six word excerpt for 'Rainbow Snippets'. If I post at wordpress, I always feel I should post at blogger, as well. :) This is from my novel, which is undergoing revision at the moment, 'Never Lose Your Path, Your Patience, and Yourself'.

'He looked down at his hand. It was larger, paler, and much smoother than it should be. Startled, he looked up. Sure enough, the sky was no longer blue, but a dark purple, the color of early evening. Thoughts that weren’t Danyell’s poured into his mind, as he looked at the darkness pooling at his feet. It would swallow him whole, shatter him into a million pieces, if he wasn’t careful.'


  1. Curious to know what's happening.

  2. Glad to have caught your interest! The pairing is a rather curious one, since it's between a pair of twins and a tower, which has absorbed the essence of those who've gone 'beyond the Door', opening a magical Door to a surreal world, where reality is shaped by your own hopes and fears. One of those absorbed is a boy, whom I can't say too much about without giving spoilers. :)