Thursday, February 23, 2017

Wednesday Words/Paula's Prompt

Paula Wyant offers up words every Wednesday, but I'm not able to respond to them until Thursday. Here's my response to her challenge at, involving a birthday present, laundry, and laughter. Emma decided it was time for her to remember the mortal days, when she gave Esther a present.

I'm going to post this at my Facebook Author page, too, since this poor little Cauldron is still being blocked by Facebook. This site uses cookies I don't understand, but I need to warn you about. Consider yourself warned.

“What’s this?” Esther asked. She held up an emerald green t-shirt with a panoramic fantasy playing across it. You grinned at the sight of the woman in armour holding up her sword towards angry clouds with hints of wrathful faces. Esther had fallen in love with this shirt at first sight. “I couldn’t afford to get this, so why is it in the laundry?”

“Why indeed?” you asked impishly. Coyly, you glance at the other shirts, with the Babylon logo, the Andromeda crew, and the Vampire Lestat baring his fangs spread over their fronts. Between Esther and yourself, you’d amassed quite the collection of t-shirts. “What day is it?”

“My birthday?” Esther is so cute, when she’s slow to figure something out. She blinked once, twice, before reality started to sink it. Esther usually stays as far from reality as she can. She’d much rather be in the fantasy vistas of her imagination, thank you very much. Reality was going to be nice to her for a change. 

“Surprise!” you giggled. The expression on her face turned your giggles into laughter. “I couldn’t resist!”

“Couldn’t resist putting a new shirt in with the dirties?” Esther quipped, but she’s smiling, too. She hugged the shirt to her chest. “Seriously, thank you.”

“You’re welcome,” you said. You traipsed over to her side and kissed her cheek. 

Such a simple, solid memory. Now, it’s so hard for you to become solid, floating around your seat in the cafe where you spent too many of your waking hours. 

At least you still have Esther, even if your relationship is not what it was. 

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