Saturday, April 30, 2022

Z is for Zoe

I’m another character who came to the scribbler while she was Blogging From AZ. It occurred to Beatrix (and to the scribbler) that Rhiannon was becoming more of a player character. As such she could use a player. I may have talked to Beatrix about this possibility for some time before I joined the game. Before that I may have seen Beatrix with Rhane many times after catching a glimpse of Rhane at the library where I work. Yes, I decided to follow her. Yes, I was a bit of a stalker, but I did become a friend as well as one of the gamers in The Players Are the Thing. I’m new, so I bring a fresh awareness to the ground, to matters Mona, Rhane, and especially Beatrix aren’t aware of. I’m able to let Mona know she’s making Rhane uncomfortable by constantly touching her. I’m able to shake Beatrix and Rhane up a bit, get them to talk. They don’t talk nearly enough. It’s a bit confusing because I really like Rhane. If things didn’t work out between Beatrix and Rhane, it would be an opportunity for me. Nor am I immune to whatever weirdness is going on, affecting everyone in this roleplaying game we’re in. I’m part of it. I’m starting to get attached to Rhiannon, my character. To be inspired by my own creative input for her, ideas for her as a character. No way am I backing out now, no matter what weirdness is happening.

Friday, April 29, 2022

Y is for Ylynessa

I’ve been around in one form or another ever since the scribbler started plotting Trouble at Caerac Keep. I became Ylynessa when she started Blogging From AZ. I became Lord William Caerac’s adopted sister, privy to his secrets. Not that I don’t have quite a few secrets of my own. Willy wouldn’t appreciate what I’m up to, even though it’s for his own good. He shouldn’t have to hide who and what he is. He should walk proudly among the human herd, taking what he desires. Caerac Keep should offer him up the love and devotion he deserves. I’ll see that this happens, even if it means making what some might consider sinister choices. No matter how sinister they might be, they’ll lead to a better world for Willy. That’s worth making a few sacrifices, even if they’re sacrifices dear to me. It will all be worth it. I swear it will.

Thursday, April 28, 2022

X is for Xylanthe

I came to the scribbler when she was working on this very Blogging From AZ April Project years ago. The story I was part of, Trouble at Caerac Keep had been around for years in one form or another. At one point the scribbler opened it up to other writers. It transformed into The Keep.

It’s taken years for the various characters from that world to morph into stories of their own. Some became part of this one. Trouble at Caerac Keep became part of the World of Ouroborous along with A Suitor’s Challenge. The former tale takes place centuries before the latter. It was always a world of fantasy with goblins, kobolds, shapeshifters, and a number of undead creatures.

I myself became a mythical monster who once ruled the land of Aethyria until the other monsters exiled me. I have a blood connection to Ariadne and her sister, Alexi. I created myself a lair in a legendary labyrinth called the Dark Circle in the land of Rowenda. The Dark Circle is southeast of Caerac Keep, northwest from Aethyria. Yes, it is filled with monsters, monsters I rule and feed the blood of hot-blooded adventurers, daring to venture within the Circle in search of treasure and renown. Yes, enough escaped to tell tales of treasure and renown. Enough to lure plenty of would-be heroes within our walls to satisfy our hunger.

Alas, since the decline of adventuring, the moral questions about the rightness of killing monsters just for sake of riches and fame has meant a decline in our food source. We’ve been going hungry.

We’re being forced to cast our webs further afield in order to eat. To cast our eyes upon the walled city of livestock grazing within Caerac Keep.

You may accuse us of stirring up trouble, but these are troubled times. A monster must eat. Even if we have to fight the forces of civilization, it’s better than going hungry. If some tender young heroes rise to stop us, why, all the tastier. Especially if those heroes are the blood-kin of old enemies.

One tries to stay positive about change.

Wednesday, April 27, 2022

W is for William

I had a different name, but always a place, a critical role to play in Trouble at Caerac Keep. I was the lord wishing to avoid trouble within his walled city, yet trouble came regardless. Who and what I was emerged in the course of Blogging From AZ. I became a vampire trying to keep the existence of vampires a laughable legend, to keep away anything which might disturb my sarcophagus. Outting me may well be the intentions of those behind the trouble in my Keep, an unpleasant possibility I’m forced to confront. Hopefully the attractive younglings I’ve asked to investigate that trouble with distract that trouble while I find out what’s truly going on. Hopefully the tale of our Trouble at Caerac Keep will be told. Told and resolved. No matter what you may believe, I don’t like trouble. I truly don’t.

Tuesday, April 26, 2022

V is for Varwyth

I’ve been around since Trouble at Caerac Keep first popped into our scribbler’s head. I was born during the Blogging From AZ April Project first became a tradition for her. Does this seem contradictory? The identity of Varwyth is one I assumed to get close to Rhodry Nevalyn, to uncover the mystery Rhodry and his allies uncovered. This idea came to the scribbler while Blogging From AZ.

Yes, I am a mystery. Yes, I have my own reasons for getting close to Rhodry, for taking an interest of what he and his companions find out about the disappearances, the mysterious illness which appears like a vampire’s attacks plaguing the walled city Caerac was so proud of. No, I’m not going to reveal those reasons. Not yet. Don’t worry. They will be revealed. I’m not about to let our scribbler forget about Trouble at Caerac Keep. Our story will continue even if I have to invade the scribbler’s dreams, seducing her with visions of our story.

I have a talent for such things.

Monday, April 25, 2022

U is for Undine

My origins were right here during the Blogging From AZ April Project. The scribbler needed a character whose name began with U. She’d already been working on Trouble at Caerac Keep. She’d planned for an antagonist like me to stand in the way of Rhodry and his companions. What she didn’t realize was how much I myself was a victim, trapped in a shell or was it a suit of armour? by the true villain, crying out for help, for someone to release me. I’ve developed a little more each time the scribbler participates in this project. I wish she’d bring that development to Trouble at Caerac Keep itself, make it more of a part of the story. I’ve been trapped for far too long. My voice needs to be heard. It should be heard. Please listen to it.

Saturday, April 23, 2022

T is for Thomas

What are you looking at? I’m ugly, so what? I’m a boy. What’s creepy is how pretty Danyel and Tayel are. Someone has to notice that, how weird those two are. Put them in their place. They’ve been left alone for too long. They have no idea how to behave. Maybe the scribbler created me for just that. To represent all those people who noticed how weird she was. Someone has to represent the world the scribbler tries to ignore. Boys will be boys. So what if I throw rocks at squirrel? They’re mocking us with their fluffy tails and their chittering. Like I’m going to let that go. Don’t give me that judgmental look. I’m a Follower of Seraphix. Seraphix chose me. Me! Anything I want, my god is going to get me. No matter how miserable it makes the other Followers; my snooty sister, my useless mother, my loser of a father. Why should my wish make anyone happy other than me? The other Followers are all weird. Acting like we’re some sort of community because we worship the same god. It’s my god. Seraphix is going to give me what I want. They’ll all be sorry when that happens. Maybe I’m around to show the problem with communities. Not everyone wants to join the stupid group. Not everyone wants to cooperate. Everyone is out for themselves. Why should I be any different? I’ll show all of them, even the scribbler. I’ll especially show Danyel and Tayel. I’m going to be prettier than either of them. I know I said that was creepy. I’m going to be even creepier. Just watch and see what happens in Tales of the Navel. Such a stupid name. Everything is stupid. I’ll show you all.