Sunday, April 30, 2023

Z is for Zoe

The Players Are the Thing, at least I always thought so. I agreed to be part of Beatrix roleplaying campaign in order to get closer to Rhane, who is also in the game. I want to see what lies behind Rhane’s far-away gaze, why she’s so fixated, yet dreamy. I believe I’m beginning to understand. I’m getting far more attached to Rhiannon, my character than I thought I would. She’s so vivid and vivacious, even if she was once a non-player character of Beatrix’s. I almost feel like she’s whispering warnings to me about Beatrix, about certain dice a times. Beatrix seems a little sick, frustrated, and on edge after being in contact with hers for too long. I almost wonder if she’s enjoying herself, running this game. Maybe it’s time for a time-out, a break from our campaign. Somehow that feels like running away. I’m not sure what to do other than draw Rhane away from the dice for a while. Sometimes Mona watches me, us with sad eyes when I do this. Sorry, Mona. Isolde is the one having a romance with Amberwyne, not you. Why am I confusing Rhane with Amber? I’m not confusing myself with Rhiannon. Rhiannon would happily seduce everyone. She’s a bit of a flirt and then some. It is fun to play her. Sometimes Rhane, Mona, and I relax around each other playing our characters a way we never do when we’re ourselves. If only Beatrix could relax, have a bit more fun. I’ve got figure out ways to help her to do this.

Saturday, April 29, 2023

Y is for Ylynessa

What cowards call Trouble at Caerac Keep, I call the first steps in bringing down the walls of isolation keeping us from the world. I dream our city transforming into a better place, a more honest place. A place where nonhumans don’t have to hide whom they are, what they are, or their appetites. My brother, William has hidden himself for too long. He won’t share his gifts with me because he’s ashamed of them. No more shame. I’m going to take down the walls between William and myself as well. Let the fanged, the shifters, all accused of being monstrous be welcomed. I have allies in this endeavor, allies whom encourage me. My brother would not approve of them. He’ll come around. Everyone will. If they don’t, well, I may have to make difficult decisions. Change can be cruel, but I musn’t let my fears stopped me. A villain can be more essential than a hero, even if she must strike from shadows, betraying those she cares about. Even as I tear down their world, I remind myself that it’s to build a better one for them.

Friday, April 28, 2023

X is for Xylanthe

I may recall A Suitor’s Challenge and the catastrophic change it brought to Ouroborous. A empire fell. Independent realms rose and monsters roared. Delicious times. I was part of a Circle of Thirteen in one of those realms before it split into Graeca and Aethyria. I was driven out along with the men, driven into the Dark Circle. This became my lair, my grief, my queendom. I was never lonely. I fed well. There was always a juicy adventurer willing to seek my head, my treasure, and his own glory. Sometimes they came in droves. I always made sure one escaped, to tell tales of monsters and riches waiting for the bold to claim. It lured many a would-be hero here. Only adventuring is no longer considered heroic. Slaying monsters and taking their treasure is considered wrong. Such moral questions have left me alone and hungry. Such an attitude has forced me to employ other methods to lure food into my lair. If these methods should cause Trouble at Caerac Keep, let its lord suffer it. Especially if it means he’ll be sending some tender morsels my way to stop me.

Thursday, April 27, 2023

W is for William

There’s Trouble at Caerac Keep, even after I’ve worked so hard to make it a safe haven for humans in a land of monsters. People aren’t even calling us monsters any more. We’re nonhumans. Hunting and taking our treasure has gone out of fashion. I’ve done my best to encourage this. Not to mention I’ve made my own hunts discreet and non-lethal. I’ve been a good lord of Caerac Keep, better than many a human one. Why is someone disturbing the peace I’ve cultivated over a century? Why is someone crying vampire? I’d know if my master was back. The disappearances, the sickness, no. Something else is at work in this Keep. I’ll use these wide-eyed young fools, desperate to find their lost ones to flush the culprit out. Yes, one of those lost ones is Daeric Nevalyn, something which concerns me. I need him back. I need lure my enemy out. These tender morsels should do it, especially if my adversary is a vampire. Not that I believe they are.

Wednesday, April 26, 2023

V is for Varwyth

There is Trouble at Caerac Keep, but its trouble has another name than the one stammered by ignorant lips.

You suspect as much, my Rhodry. I come to you in this guise to help you uncover the truth. The lies being tossed around are quite irritating. I can see why poor Willie, excuse me, Lord William Caerac wishes to put this disturbance to rest. Why he’s getting Servants of the Unicorn and Aethyrians involved. We’re all being toyed with, Rhodry, offered as bait. As important as it is to catch the mischief maker, your blood is far too precious to be wasted in this trouble. I’m here to see not a drop of it is spilt.

After all, it belongs to me.

Tuesday, April 25, 2023

U is for Undine

There is Trouble at Caerac Keep. I am the cause of it yet trapped by it, at the mercy of a deadly mistress who misdirects everyone. I’m just hoping the young ones sent to find the source of the trouble find me. The true me, trapped within the prison where my mistress has enchanted me. I reach out to them in my dreams, reach out to their power. I only hope they hear my sad lament.

Monday, April 24, 2023

T is for Thomas

A Godling for Your Thoughts? You can’t have Seraphix, you fools. Nor Oleander, nor Danyel. They’re all mine. Stop looking at me like that, you pervert. Just because he’s My Tool, My Treasure, you’re thinking dirty thoughts. You’re so twisted. I’m not caught in any Web of Inspiration. I’m not that weird. Why would My Cusps Overfloweth? I don’t even know what that means. I don’t need to. I’m Jupitre’s son. I don’t need your approval. I’m strong and fast. See how far I can throw this rock? Who cares if I hit a squirrel, the nasty little beasts? If you’re going to complain, leave. It’s not like I’m following you around. Get back here! I wasn’t finished talking to you! Like I don’t have better things to do than talk. Just shut up already.