Friday, May 13, 2016

Blogging from A-Z April Challenge-Reflections

This poor little blog took quite a beating during the A-Z April Challenge! During that time, someone reported it as abusive. Facebook blocked it on the basis of that report. I'm still trying to get the block removed. :(

Not that I regret getting this blog involved in the challenge. Or that it went unappreciated. I got to meet the remarkable @Darla Sands via this blog. Not to mention I visited her blog, where she'd chosen a fascinating subject for her theme, favorite musical bands and imaginary bands. It warms my heart to know how many intelligent, creative people are out there, who can inspire me in turn to be more creative.

I also got to know my characters. By writing from their perspective, I got involved a little more in their lives, their concerns, what drives them as characters. I realized how much I'd neglected some of them, in working on other projects. (rueful grin) By writing about them, I got new ideas. Bits and fragments I'd written about actually got titles. By writing 'R is for Rhane' and 'Z is for Zoe', I got a sense of their story. I came up with a title for it, 'The Players Are the Thing'. I came up with a title for a mass of notes I once turned into an interactive yaoi fantasy RPG, which I'm trying to reshape into a story, 'Trouble at Caerac Keep'. I came up with a new title for a novel I've been working on for years, which is almost ready for publication, 'The Hand and the Eye of the Tower'.  One of the dwarves from my recently published novella, 'Fairest' got a name during this challenge. He was able to entertain my guests, including one of my publishers at Prizm Books at my 'Fairest' release party at Facebook, because he got development during this project.

In the end, my characters and myself are very grateful for the attention they got during this challenge! It was well worth taking. Thank you for inspiring us all to develop! We hope to participate again next year!


  1. Abusive? I'm stunned. Is there anything an outside party can do like put in a good word? Let me know if I can assist. And you're very kind to mention me in this post. What an honor!

  2. Thank you! I 'really' appreciate your offer of support! Actually, there is something you could do. Are you on Facebook? Could you post a message on their Help board, asking them to lift the block on The more complaints they get about this block, the more likely they are to lift it (I hope!) The honor was mine, I assure you. :) I'm so glad I got to meet you and read your musical bands during this challenge! I also really glad you enjoyed 'My Characters Have the Last Word'. Your constant support and feedback was one of the rewards for participating in this challenge!

    1. Done! I still can't believe you got blocked. I even had to type "dot" on Facebook rather than share the link considered unsafe. Unbelievable. Best wishes. And please keep writing!

    2. Thank you so much for the support! Don't worry! I have no desire to ever quit writing. It's one of the great loves of my life. :) Lately, promoting 'Fairest' and 'Theory of Love' has been taking up a lot of my time, but I've managed to squeeze in a little writing. I'm torn between the pragmatic urge to 'Promote 'Fairest' here' all quarter and the 'Start sharing bits of the other projects you're working on!'
      I'm trying to figure out a balance between the two, which will allow me to keep on promoting, yet introduce some snippets of projects which are very dear to my heart, which I hope to publish. (crosses fingers)