Saturday, May 14, 2016

'Fairest' Freebie Story Blurb: For You

I wrote another freebie story for 'Fairest', but I realized it contained too many spoilers. I'm breaking the story up into blurbs. These blurbs will hopefully entice new readers, as well as give a little "Ah ha!" moment for readers, who've bought 'Fairest'. :)

Here is a 'Fairest' f/f freebie story blurb: 'For You'...

She stood in her virginal white gown, the very picture of purity and innocence. A doll in a dress, abandoned and neglected by all gathered here, including her former lover. She knew it, too. Betrayal and wounded innocence gathered in her dark blue eyes, making them glisten. 

You little fool, she thought, with an anger she’d never thought she’d feel for this one, no matter how much envy mingled with her desire. If I have him, I can finally have you. Don’t you see that?


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