Thursday, May 12, 2016

Snippet from 'A Symposium in Space'

'Theory of Love' will be released May 18, 2016! Within it is my f/f short story, 'A Symposium in Space'! Yay!  These stories vary in spice. Mine is much milder than some, but conversation itself becomes a form of unresolved sexual tension. Stories and legends become metaphors for what the characters are feeling, revealing a little of themselves as each guest expresses what love means to her.

'A Symposium in Space' was inspired by Plato's 'The Symposium', as several women in a matriarchal inter galactic world meet to talk about love as their patriarchal predecessors once did. However, this dinner party is a little more interesting, since their host literally feeds on their words of love, offering up a meal which reflects the nature of her guest's speech.

If you like out of the box science fiction, mixed with ancient Greek classics turned on their heads in a
futuristic matriarchal setting, take a look at 'A Symposium in Space'.

Here's a brief taste of what's to come...

“Each of us will speak about a topic of my choosing. What you say will determine the nature of the meal, which will appear upon your plate in front of you.”
I glanced uneasily at my empty plate. I’d heard rumors of Agathea--how she fed upon thoughts and words as much as food. I hadn’t thought such a thing possible. Agathea often liked to inspire her dinner guests to offer up deeper conversation than the usual polite topics. The deeper the topic, the greater her sustenance. This was why she’d asked Sokrat here.
“Well, one wonders if my poor words will be enough to satisfy you or me? Although my speech is at your service,” Sokrat said. She uttered every word with a humble courtesy too often used right before she took someone apart verbally. “What topic would you like us to speak of?”

“Love,” Agathea said, smiling as she glanced at me. My stomach sank, threatening to pull me down with it. “Every guest here will speak a little of love. You may tell a story, or give a speech, revealing what the sentiment means to you. We’ll see how your speech manifests on your plate.” She arched her graceful, swan-like neck. Swans had been beautiful but cruel creatures, according to the old Earth bestiaries. “Perhaps the youngest and most innocent of us will begin?”

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