Friday, June 17, 2016

'A Symposium in Space' Snippet

I'm about to slowly disappear from social media, like a cheshire cat, who will fade away, leaving only her grin behind, until July 5th. I'm not sure if I'm going to get to do #RainbowSnippets tomorrow, or not, so I figured I'd post a six sentence (maybe a little longer) from 'A Symposium in Space'.

“Is a space cluster truly all that different from a space station?” Sokrat asked. She stroked my hand before releasing it. One shouldn’t show weakness in front of her host. 
I appreciated Sokrat’s discretion, since I didn’t want to materialize in front of the dinner party clinging to her hand. Especially if Pausania was going to be there. The thought of Pausania’s reddish-brown eyebrows shooting up at such a display of nervousness was enough to make my hands ball into fists. 
“Isn’t a space cluster an artificial city, created by living minds and hands?” Sokrat asked. “Like a space station; was it not created to exist where nature has deemed it shouldn’t?”
“Nature was meant to be overcome, Sokrat,” Agathea said. Her light, trilling voice hummed in my eardrums, caressing them. 
Our host stood at the head of the large table. We sat in actual chairs around its rectangular sides. Agathea wore a silvery-blue, beaded gown. Some of the sequins floated around her body and her hair. Currently, some of her tresses were aquamarine. They flowed around her head, along with some of the folds of her gown. Anti-gravity was the latest thing. Agathea was nothing if not fashionable.


  1. Oh, the whims of fashion. :) Nice snippet! I have to say once again that you create such cool names as well as characters.

    Be well!

  2. Thank you! These particular names are inspired by Plato's original dinner guests in 'The Symposium', although their personalities are a little bit different than the original characters. :)