Thursday, June 16, 2016

Brothers Given Over to Madness

Today, people are celebrating Mary Shelley's 'Frankenstein' in England. In the spirit of that celebration, I've posted 'Frankenstein' quotes at #QueerSciFi,, and I remember thinking how much Victor Frankenstein reminded me of Louis de Pointe du Lac, as both mourned the deaths of their brothers. I found myself wondering what a brother with their gentle melancholy, yet focus and madness, might do, if he had an inkling of some peril approaching his brothers? What if his madness was centered around protecting them?

This gave birth to Leiwell, Danyell and Dayell's older brother in 'The Hand and the Eye of the Tower' (which is currently undergoing revision, before publication).  I thought I'd share a little snippet about Leiwell with you, here. He's just started a mysterious job for an equally mysterious master in order to help support his foster mother and little brothers. He can say little about his work, but he's returned home from his first night in a terrible state.

 Leiwell was already there. He’d fallen onto one knee, still cradling the book under one arm. Map was there, helping him to his feet, and wearing her fiercest scowl. 

“I’m all right,” Leiwell said, before she could snarl whatever she had to say about his condition. Trembling, he managed to stand up straight and smile at his foster mother. Never had he looked less all right. His forehead wasn’t just pale, it was white. Beads of sweat covered his forehead, like tiny leeches sucking at his skin.

Danyell ran to his brother’s side, just in time to catch Leiwell, before he lost his balance again. He could feel Map’s strength, supporting Leiwell on the other side. Dayell stood in the doorway, staring at the three of them with wide, shimmering eyes.

“Please, don’t look so scared,” Leiwell gasped. He tried to shake off Danyell and Map, but neither of them would release him. Leiwell began to move, supported by his mother and brother. He was entirely too light. Danyell swallowed a terrified lump in his throat, as the trio waddled towards a wooden chair. “My first night was a lot more difficult than I thought it would be, that’s all.”


  1. Cool source of inspiration! And nice scene. You make envisioning nervousness and stress very easy.

  2. Thank you! This particular novel is dear to my heart, since I've been working on it for a long time. :)