Saturday, June 18, 2016

'A Symposium in Space' Snippet

It's 'RainbowSnippets' Saturday, although this isn't my actual Rainbow Snippet. :) I decided to share another taste of 'A Symposium in Space', my Plato inspired f/f story. '

She cleared her throat again. I realized I was hearing this, not remembering it. I froze as my eyes focused on the person sitting across the table from me. It was Pausania. I recognized her light, brown gown, clinging loosely to the contours of her body. Tassels and other embellishments had been added to the simple cloth. Many of these adornments floated around her. It was a compromise between what was fashionable and what suited her. Her auburn hair was thick and luxuriant, as always. Tiny strands of copper mingled with the auburn, making its redness even brighter. It wasn’t natural. Very little about Pausania was natural, but she had the knack for appearing artless. 


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