Monday, December 26, 2016

Me Me Me Monday

Happy Boxing Day! It's Me Me Me Monday, a day to celebrate one's me-ness. :) For the holiday season,  I thought I'd share a little bit of my WIP; 'Wind Me Up, One More Time'.

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“People still tell tales of a more primitive time,” Nathalie used to tell me. She had the kind of voice, which made you sit up straighter, holding your teddy bear close to your chest. Maybe your bear could share your excitement, as you listened. Nathalie’s voice was deep, but soft, giving every word a special significance. “Before gas and gears, before towns and cities, when people shivered within tiny villages, protected by the hunters among them. This doesn’t protect them completely. Monsters and beasts would still attack them, confident in tooth and claw. Physical might was still as important, as the quality of your weapons.”

This was scary, since I was very small. I’d never been mighty. I was glad to live in a time, when you could survive, even if you were small and weak. I might have survived, though, if I’d had the right weapons. Or if I’d been a beast, like Ted. Only Ted wasn’t a beast. She was soft and squishy. She had neither teeth, nor claws. This meant neither one of us would have done well, during this time. 

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