Monday, December 5, 2016

Trying to Get My Rights Back

I have a sad announcement to make. I'm asking for the rights back from Torquere Press, LLC, of which Prizm Books is a Young Adult line for 'Fairest', 'A Symposium in Space', and 'At Her Service'.

I haven't been paid by Torquere. Not even once since I signed my first contract for them. Not one single paycheck. I'm not the only writer who hasn't been paid. A lot of the staff I worked with on 'Fairest' and 'A Symposium in Space' are no longer with them. No one has gotten paid from what I can see.

This feels like I'm unpublishing myself in many ways, but I can't afford to continue on in this way. I'm trying to be a professional author. I'm happy to offer free samples, but I can't write for free. Not all the time, not even a lot of the time. I'd be spending a lot more time at 'Archive of Our Own', if I could.

I've asked for my rights back via email. I've also sent a certified letter to the publisher. I have yet to receive an answer or the paperwork for my Revision of Rights. My stories are still up and for sale. I'm simply not getting anything for them even though I wrote them.

Please spread the word. Let other readers know I'm trying to get the rights to 'Fairest' back. Along with 'A Symposium in Space' and 'At Her Service'.

I'm not going away. I plan to keep on writing. I'll continue to share bits of my work here. I'll continue submitting my stories to publishers and looking for ways to self publish.

Keep an eye on myself and my work. Remember, the Cauldron is always bubbling with potential stories, waiting to be shared with the world.

This blog uses cookies, which I don't quite understand, but I need to warn you about. Especially if you live in the U.K. Consider yourself warned. :)

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