Wednesday, January 11, 2017


It's Queer Blog Wednesday! Time to share a blog about GLBT with the world!

I've been sick, so I missed the last Saturday Snippet, along with Me Me Me Monday. I'm not missing QueerBlogWed, though! We'll pick up right where we left off last Wednesday with my m/m mythical WIP, 'Aissa and Polyxena'.

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“Aissa!” Lycomedes said, glancing out of the corner of his eye at the shaggy pedlar. As if he was asking for permission to rise to his feet and greet us.

The pedlar man nodded, ever so slightly. He barely looked at Lycomedes, or Deidamia for that matter. His gaze flickered between Aissa and myself. 

“The lady seems to have captured herself a lost princeling, while wandering on this island,” Patrocles said. It was hard not to flinch, at the way his narrow eyes examined me. Their hungry jade shifted to a poisonous brightness. 

“He calls himself ‘Polyxena’,” Deidamia said, as she jerked her head in my direction.

This provoked a roar of bawdy laughter from the big brute. Patrocles smiled, but there was no humor in the curl of his lips. The bearded pedlar did not laugh. He simply stared at me, as if I were a riddle he was trying to comprehend. 

“You’re Trojan, aren’t you?” the bearded man asked, frowning. “From your bearing and manner, I’d say a high born Trojan at that.”

I tensed at this, really wishing I had my sword. Whoever this pedlar was, he was the truly dangerous one in the room. 

“What if he is?” Aissa asked. She raised her head, almost challengingly at the beared man. “Scyros has no quarrel with Troy, even if all of Helen’s former suitors do.”

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