Wednesday, January 4, 2017


It's QueerBlogWeds! A sort of twin to Rainbow Snippets, only Queer Blog Weds doesn't operate out of Facebook. Which allows this Cauldron to participate, so it's going to. Nor are we limited to six sentences. We just need to post something which is queer or GLBT.

I've decided to share a little more of 'Aissa and Polyxena', my m/m mythical WIP, which I've picked up once more. Below is a little taste from its pages.

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My free hand reached for my sword, which, unfortunately, was not there. Aissa’s hand was twitching on my arm, as if it, too longed to grasp steel. 

Why was Aissa pretending to be a girl? However, his sideways glances and twitching fingers weren’t directed towards the big brute. They were aimed at the two men with him.

One of those men was a shaggy, beared pedlar, with quick gray eyes that assessed us, as soon as we entered the room. They gleamed with an almost acquisitive hunger, as they ran over Aissa. They darkened with displeasure, when they settled upon me. 

The third man was a youth about the same age as Aissa. His eyes were a grayish green, while his hair was a sandy blonde. He wore a red tunic, which was as threadbare as Deidamia’s gown, or Lycomedes’ robes. His slim, wiry build spoke of hours of swordplay, while his slim, graceful hands spoke of deftness with dice. If the second man was offering Aissa hungry looks, the third man stared at him, as if he longed to bind him with chain of gold, locking him in a temple, where no one could touch him. The yearning turned his eyes a smoky jade, as they feasted upon her face, her lips, and her hands. 

I saw Aissa’s lips move, shaping a name. Patrocles. I glanced at the young man, who nodded, ever so slightly at the ‘lady’.