Monday, January 30, 2017

Me Me Me Monday

It's Me Me Me Monday! A day to strut, share, and celebrate your Me-ness!

I'm not feeling very celebratory today. Three of my stories were rejected by Science Fiction Daily. ;_; Maybe I'm in the wrong genre. Only romance doesn't feel right, either. Maybe I should start my own genre. Aestheticism? It exists in yaoi, shounen ai, and BL. Perhaps there should be a genre in writing, too, one dedicated to creating beautiful prose.

I'm going to share a few lines from one of my rejected stories. If you like them, let me know. If you know of anyone else who accepts flash fiction, please share their link with me. I need to find the right home for these fantasy flashlets.

This blog uses cookies I don't really understand, but I'm supposed to warn you about. Consider yourself warned.

Ashildr was trapped within the snowflake, perfectly preserved within the ice. 

“Here you will remain, my lovely,” the Snow Queen said in her melodic, unchanging voice. “Never to age. Never to sorrow.”

Never to see Ingold again. Ashildr could no longer despair at this. Fixed and frozen were her thoughts as well as her form. 

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