Saturday, April 1, 2017

A is for Amberwyne

Hello! I’m Amberwyne, bold adventuress, character, and alter ego of my roleplayer, Rhane Soames. I appear in our author’s Work in Progress, ‘The Players Are the Thing’. Here’s a sample of my adventures. 

Amberwyne brought up her blade to meet her enemy’s. Rhiannon could have put all of her strength into meeting it, but she hesitated. She regarded the fair features of her foe with eyes as hard and cold as a pair of polished rubies. 

“Why are you hesitating?” Rhane demanded, interrupting her character’s moment of intimate concentration. How irritating. Players had no tact sometimes. “Rhiannon should be fighting her!”

Rhiannon rolled her eyes slightly at her opponent. Amber nodded slightly in sympathy. She was a player character, but Rhiannon belonged the Game Master. A mercurial and tempermental master at that. 

“Rhiannon could take your Amberwyne any time she wished,” Beatrix drawled. She leaned back against the table with a sly confidence she didn’t really feel. Rhiannon understood this, but Beatrix was a Game Master. The Master’s fragile self esteem required her to put all of her players in place, make certain those players realized she was superior. 

Especially Rhane. Particularly Rhane. 
This attitude made Rhiannon grit her teeth a bit. She might be working for the villain, but Beatrix had created her with a certain sense of honor, of chivalry. Grinding down your underlings seemed a bit petty for a god. 

Players characters came to learn, though, that all their players were petty.