Saturday, April 29, 2017

Y is for Ylynessa

No need to stare. Yes, I’m quite impressive. Indeed, I’m the sister of the Earl of Caerac Keep. All right, that’s a lie. You’ll find I’m the most important person you’ll ever meet in this miserable Cauldron. I have ideas which will revolutionize the walled city I’m contained within, transforming the entire world. If only my blockhead of an author will finish my story! Yes, ‘Trouble at Caerac Keep’ is *my* story. Not Rhodry’s, not Ariadne’s, not even sweet Faith’s. Read on. See a little of the part I play in it. 

“Are you speaking of the theory of sacred spaces, milady?” I asked. I lowered my gaze to Lady Ylynessa’s ring. Why she only wore one, when Lady Augusta had worn about eight, I wasn’t sure. 

“It’s more than just a theory, Rhodry,” Ylynessa said. Her voice lost some of its nervousness. “The Unicorn shows herself in perfect order, in geometrical forms.” She leaned a little closer to the clerical acolyte. “Isn’t that right, my dear Faith?”

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