Saturday, April 8, 2017

G is for Grace

Hello, I’m Grace! I’m the very first character our author came up with in her very first story. Only she stopped writing about Ted and myself when she grew up. Two years ago, she picked us up again, reinvented us, and started working on a new version of our story, ‘Wind Me Up, One More Time’. I’m really hope she’ll keep going, so encourage her to do so! Especially if you like the snippet I’m sharing. 

“Honestly, Grace, one would think you still talk to your teddy bear!”

This made me flush. Fortunately, my complexion was too dark to show it. I’d been leaving Ted on my shelf a lot. This wasn’t because I didn’t want to pick her up or hold her. Grown ups didn’t need to pick up their bears. Adults solved their own problems. They didn’t turn to stuffed animals for comfort or advice. 

This didn’t mean I didn’t miss her. 

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