Thursday, April 27, 2017

W is for William

Really, I don’t see why I should have to summoned away from my Keep to this Cauldron! I’m a busy man! Yes, I’m Lord William Caerac, hence ‘W for William’. I suppose it wouldn’t hurt to share some of the troubles I’m having at Caerac Keep. In fact, this is why the story I’m in is called ‘Trouble at Caerac Keep’. It’s a Work In Progress, which means my troubles are far from over. Go on. See what I have to deal with in the snippet below. It’s from Rhodry’s perspective, not mine. Not that the child can truly appreciate what I go through every night in this walled city, but go ahead and see. 

 The earl twitched a corner of his mouth. Things weren’t as simple as they’d once been. Monsters used to be monsters. A noble could hire a party of adventurers to hunt them down and kill them. Alas, adventurers tended to hunt and kill anything in their path to acquire weapons, treasure, etc. Not to mention they smashed up the local tavern every time they visited. 

“Instead, you’re sending some tender young things to lure out the hungry undead.” Ansel arched his own eyebrow at the earl. His was thin, golden, and lacked the winged flourish of Lord William’s. “I’m not fool enough not to recognize this strategy.”

“I’m counting on you not being one,” Lord William retorted. He began to pace up and down his study’s floor. “Not everyone believes in the undead, my dears.”

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