Tuesday, April 25, 2017

U is for Undine

Too much of my tale was revealed last year in ‘Blogging From AZ’. My story has not changed, although I can only reveal so much to Faith in ‘Trouble at Caerac Keep’. I’m reaching out to her, hoping she’ll realize I’m trapped, but I can only touch her dreams.

Picture the water running in rivulets down the walls of a cave, slowly eroding the rock. If only I was in such a cavern. The truth is too horrible to accept, so help me reinforce this image, weeping inside my prison…

Faith opened her eyes with difficulty. Her eyelashes were sticky with tears.

“I get those dreams, too.” Ariadne regarded her, resting her head against her palm. “My sister is trapped somewhere, crying for me.” She lowered her eyes to stare at the expanse of the pallet between them. “I awaken before I glean the faintest clue as to where she is.”

“This wasn’t Charity,” Faith shivered in the darkness. “At least I hope it wasn’t.”

“Who was it?” Ariadne lifted her head to fix her dark, gleaming eyes on the other woman. “Another prisoner of whatever is taking people?”

“Worse.” Faith thought of the water trickling down the rock, trying to escape. “A slave.”

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