Friday, April 7, 2017

F is for Faith

Avert your eyes for I am Faith! First point of the Triumvirate of the Horn of the Unicorn! Together with my Sisters in the Goddess, we stamp out the corruption of the Serpent wherever we find it. We three are one heart, one mind, one purpose.

Only in 'Trouble at Caerac Keep', our vile author saw fit to separate us. Read about our despair as we three find ourselves reduced to two. I shall take my vengeance upon her if this Work in Progress doesn't see the three of us united at the end of the story!

Also, this foul Cauldron uses cookies, which I would not eat if I were you. No doubt they're baked in heresy and wickedness. Be warned all of you, especially those of you in the U.K...

“Our sister is gone.” Hope shuddered and hugged herself. Faith felt her own flesh quiver in sympathy, but she held herself still. She had to be strong. 

“Courage,” Faith said to her sister in goddess as much as to herself. The ache in her chest throbbed with the emptiness of where Charity had been.

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