Tuesday, April 4, 2017

C is for Caerac

Yes, go ahead. Stir the Cauldron. Disturb a dead man’s rest. After all, all the young people visiting the Keep I founded are doing it. A particularly nasty individual is doing it, although I can’t talk about that. Evidently, it would be a spoiler. Also this site uses cookies. Not that I care. I can’t eat them any way. I’m dead, although I still have my teeth. I think. I’m not sure. Anyway, go right ahead. Read my snippet from ‘Trouble at Caerac Keep’. I don’t even get to be in the story, even though it’s ‘my’ Keep. I’m the one who had the bloody monstrosity built, not that anyone cares. Some youngster named Rhodry Nevalyn gets to do the talking. Did I mention I knew a vampire once? Corwyth Nevalyn. Not to mention Nevalyn is the name of the most evil aspect of the Great Serpent Ouroboros. Not that you care. You’re not even listening. Just want to go stampeding ahead to get to the story. Got no respect, you younglings. Yes, younglings. You haven’t reached a century yet, so I’m not impressed. Just read the bloody snippet already. 

“Are we addressing Lord Caerac of Caerac Keep?” I tried to make my voice as polite as possible. “Former hero and founder of Rowenda?”

“I am Caerac, yes, although a hero I am,” Caerac said, somewhat querrelously. “You are not Corwyth, although you look like enough to him to make a corpse shudder.” The weathered skin spread across the skull, making it resemble the head of an old man. A very old man, but a living creature, none the less. “And if you’re not Corwyth, you’ve got no business in disturbing a man’s eternal rest. Go away!”


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