Friday, April 1, 2016

A is for Amberwyne

Hi! I’m in the idiot in the other blog, with the same name as the sexist with no sense of humor at Honestly, does she ever stop complaining? She’s not nearly as much fun as me! Although, I get more serious as I grow up and recover my memories. I started out as half mad sidhe childling in a ‘Changeling the Dreaming’ campaign. Later, I was whisked away to the interactive story world of ‘The Keep’. It was in the Keep, where I met Rhane, my other self. Trauma at the hands of vampires had created me, a strange, fae child, separate from her, yet still connected to her. This connection has continued, as Rhane and I discover new life in the story fragments our writer has given us. According to my recent genesis, Rhane came up with my name, when looking at an amber glass of wine. She needed a character of her own for an interactive story she and her friends were playing together, but I’m not sure if any of the other players quite formed the bond she and I did. The line between roleplaying and reality gets blurred, as the players wonder if they themselves are real. I was looking forward to what exactly our story would be, if our writer would only take the time to write it! However, she keeps losing herself in the Shadow Forest, only leaving to write in World of Ouroborous, or to work on ‘Wind Me Up, One More Time’. Now, she’s getting distracted by another request for male/male submissions of a Victorian/steampunk nature! Will our author ever return to Rhane and myself? Right now, I’m not sure. ;_;

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