Saturday, April 2, 2016

B is for Briar

Good day, readers. (A maiden with snow white skin, midnight hair, and blood red lips curtseyed to you all. She’s wearing a purple gown, embroidered with red ribbons.) I’m Briar. Unlike the sad shades, who’ve haunted these A-Z blogs thus far, I’m a character in a story, which is on the verge of publication; ‘Fairest’, by K.S. Trenten. My name didn’t come to me with ease, nor was it given to me at birth. It’s a gift bestowed upon me by my beloved, the princess I tried to curse. She saw good in me, when no one else did, including myself. If you wish to read the details of how I sought to make this princess mine and ended up becoming hers, do purchase our tale. May you be as enchanted by it as both my princess and I were. 


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    1. Thank you for the very nice compliment, which I'm really sorry got removed. I certainly didn't try to remove it. :( I'm going to ask blogger what's going on. :(

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    1. Thank you! Being complimented on my descriptions is quite a triumph for me, because it's always been my weak point. :) I've had to struggle for years against being repetitive, to make them work. :) I'm *really* glad you're enjoying them! :)