Thursday, April 21, 2016

T is for Thomas

What are you looking at, creep? I’m not fat! I’m big! You’d better be nice to me. My father is stronger than anybody else, plus he hunts monsters! Once, he cut off a monster’s naughty bits and threw them into the sea! Another monster grew out of the naughty bits, but my father lopped her head off! I’m not lying. It’s not like I care if you believe me. You’re nothing, just like my mother, my sister, and everyone else in Omphalos. Everyone here is a freak, especially those skinny twins, Danyell and Dayell. Why do boys have to be so pretty, any way? It’s just plain weird. Makes you keep looking at them, even though you have better things to do. Like killing squirrels. Everyone thinks they’re so cute and fluffy, with their bouncy tails, but they don’t know the truth. They watch everyone, they spy on everything! I get them every chance I get. I bash them with a rock, hoping it’ll teach the other squirrels to keep their distance. More keep coming and spying on Omphalos, so I have to kill them. It’ll be alright, though. Nothing will be able to stop me, not squirrels, and not the twins, as long as I have this coin around my neck. It whispers to me, promises me I’ll be stronger, prettier, and better than anyone, one day. The twins won’t be able to get enough of me, once I become whom I’m truly meant to be. Wait a moment, why would I want to be pretty? I’m a boy! I’m big! I don’t need a stupid, pretty face, like the twins and their brother. Just because the master likes them better than everyone else doesn’t mean I’m impressed by them. I’m not! I don’t care if you read ‘A Godling for Your Thoughts?’ or not! Our stupid author hasn’t even finished the book, or published the first book, ‘The Hand and Eye of the Tower’. Not that I care about the first book. I only show up at the end, so why read it? No, I don’t want to talk about what I do in that book. It’s all about the twins, so it’s stupid. Why am I talking about the twins, again? I don’t have to explain myself to you! Go away! Leave me alone!

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