Friday, April 8, 2016

H is for Harold

You should all know who I am. Isn’t it obvious from my splendid attire and all the jewels I’m wearing? Who else would be so magnificent, other than a Vinegarten? Yes, I’m Lord Harold Vinegarten himself! We own most of the land within the realm, not to mention everything worth having outside the realm. Our wines are served at every royal supper. What’s that? You want to know what I have to do with the family business? Are you suggesting I soil my fine hands like a servant? I simply oversee matters, putting in an appearance at parties, not to mention at court. In fact, I have the ear of the queen herself. You may be looking at the next king, if I win the hand of the princess herself. Oh, I know, there’s the little matter of that curse everyone is so frightened of! Half the time a curse is nothing more than a hoax, spread about to frighten the superstitious from thinking too carefully about things. Take the princess, who was supposedly cursed a hundred years ago. I’m willing to wager it was ambitious in-laws, who arranged an ‘accident’ for her, making the whole thing look like a curse. Now, ambition, there’s a danger I believe in. However, it’s the one true passion, which drives men to better themselves. Without ambition, the Vinegartens would be nothing. Oh, not that we’re not loyal, of course! You only have to look at my sweet cousin, Marian, to see how loyal we are to the crown and country! Ah, but don’t take my word for it! Please feel free to read our story for yourselves. It’s ‘Fairest’ by K.S. Trenten. Read about my family’s rise to power, err, I mean, our lovely princess and her fate, of course! Oh, and don’t miss ‘A Moment at Court’ by rhodrymavelyne at ‘Archive of Our Own’ and Yes, unlike many of the sorry characters narrating the A-Z Blogs, I actually have a published story with a date I can name. You won’t want to miss any party I’m going to be at, believe me! 

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