Sunday, April 10, 2016

J is for Jupitre

What are you looking at? Whatever. I know I’m not much to look at. What did you think I was, the most powerful of all the gods and father of many heroes? Do you think I’d be stuck in this stupid village, if I was? Yes, I’m stuck here, with nothing, but a fat son, a stupid daughter, and an even stupider wife. Yes, she’s the idiot, who was chattering on at I doubt if any of these children are truly mine. I doubt if this life is even mine. I know I was destined for grander things. I’ve finally got a talisman, a key, a seraphix, which will lead me to even greater things. What is a seraphix? Well, for me, she’s a rather comely wench, who brightens my existence in this miserable village. She’s also nothing more than a tarnished bit of copper, hanging around my neck. She speaks to me, though, promising to make me something greater than myself. All I have to do is believe in her. Believe in Seraphix. It’s a hard thing, believing in anyone or anybody these days. There was a time, when mortals not only believed in me, they worshipped me. Worship can make a creature something much greater than his own cursed thoughts do. If worshipping Seraphix is a way out of this pitiful existence, I’ll swallow my pride and worship another, even if it galls me. 

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