Saturday, April 23, 2016

V is for Varwyth

Don’t bother to hide. I can sense you, watching me. Is it my brooding dark looks, which caught your eye? My appearance is actually a little different than what you see. Much more appealing, but easily recognizable, especially in these parts. Oh, perhaps you noticed the corpse like appearance of my skin? Here, I was hoping that Kevin, the cute little bartender, had taken care of that, by ah, giving me a little drink, so to speak. Not that he remembers any of that. As far as he knows, he’s barely spoken to me. (see ‘K is for Kevin’). Usually human blood, or human warmth brings some color to my cheeks. Well, no matter. I tend to inspire fear, or awe in others, even when I’m pretending to be someone else. It’s just part of who and what I am. Little Rhodry is susceptible to both fear and awe, when he’s in my presence. (See ‘R is for Rhodry’ at It’s quite…tasty. Ah, to have him in my arms, just for one moment! All I can hope for is to meet him in this crowded tavern. Daerec Nevalyn keeps a keen key on his sweet little protege. Heh, my Daerec. I wonder if he suspects who I truly am, or my true purpose? He knows others are hunting him, besides his mother. I doubt he’s ever been able to forget me, not matter how hard he tries. Not that Daerec would ever let Rhodry out of his tower, if he knew I was around. He’s only too aware of what I’m capable of. How surprised Daerec would be, if he knew I was playing the part of Padraig’s protege! I’m everything Padraig despises, so it’s been delightful, making him think I’m something else altogether. Padraig has always had a weakness for a pretty face, whether it’s male or female. This weakness makes tricking him a lot easier than it might have been, unless he’s not looking too closely. He can’t have missed my pallor, but perhaps he’s not worried about it, if no one is dropping dead, drained of blood. If so, Padraig has mellowed out a lot over the years, since he faced the Serpent!  I’m guessing Daerec is responsible for this change. Padraig is now more open minded than most of the residents in this little village of Clover. If you wish to read more of Padraig, I’d recommend ‘Every Thom, ‘Dick, and Harry Has a Story’. Not that it’s particularly accurate, but it’s entertaining. You should hear the tale Thomlyn spins! Yes, Thom is another fool, like Padraig, who accepts me, because of my pretty face. Some of the most dangerous people I’ve ever met have been beautiful. If Thom doesn’t wise up, a monster with a pretty face is going to eat him. Rydicka may suspect something, but all I have to is say a few sympathetic words about the Serpent, and ‘Dick will go on and on for hours, ranting about Padraig. Distracting her is only too easy. ’Dick had better pray she never meets the true Serpent. The Serpent eats fanatical acolytes for lunch, before spitting them out in her own image. As for Harry, she’s usually too drunk to notice me. I couldn’t have picked better camouflage to get to know my little Rhodry than these three fools. You can get to know them and their tales in ‘Every Thom, Dick, and Harry Has a Story’. Or you could have, if Prizm/Torquere had accepted it into their ‘Riverdance’ collection. I’m not sure what our author is going to do with it. Not that I showed a hint of my true self, or my plans in that tale. They’re much bigger than any short story can contain. I’ve been working on them for sometime. I’m certain my author will make time for a novel, or series with space for my ambitions. She wouldn’t want to suffer the consequences of getting in the way of my plans, now, would she? 

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