Saturday, April 16, 2016

P is for Phaedra

Nice to meet you all! I’m Phaedra, Captain of the Timea. That sounded so impressive, when I said it in my head. Out loud, it just sounds stupid. I’m still very proud of the Timea. Yes, she’s very small, and I’m hardly an ace pilot, but flying her isn’t quite like anything else. Ahem. Recently, the Timean and I appeared in our author’s submission to Torquere’s ‘Theory of Love’ challenge; ‘A Symposium in Space’. Yes, it’s our author’s own futuristic remake of Plato’s ‘The Symposium’, which is why I’m called Phaedra. We’ve also got Pausania, Eryximachia, Aristophania, and of course, Sokrat, attending Agathea’s little dinner party on her star cluster. There are a lot of differences between the original ‘Symposium’ and our ‘Symposium in Space’. An obvious one is that the guests are all women, or life givers, as we’re currently named. The speeches vary from the originals, too. Pausania and I have a lot of unresolved chemistry between us, which was an invention of our author. Agathea and Eryximachia are more creepy than pompous, plus Agathea is following a curious trend of ‘feeding’ upon our speeches. The setting responds to them, in a curious fashion as well. Our symposium is brought to a crashing halt, literally, by the space pirate Alcibiadea, who catches up with Sokrat, after chasing her around the universe. Yes, there are a lot of differences, between our ‘Symposium in Space’ and the original, but our author was inspired to write this by her sincere affection for the original. If ‘A Symposium in Space’ is published and picked up, she hopes it will encourage readers to pick up the original. In the meantime, I’ve got a ship to finish learning how to pilot and a universe to explore. Catch you later!


  1. Browsed through some of your posts! Really loved them! Great theme!