Tuesday, April 19, 2016

R is for Rhane

Hello, I’m Rhane. I first appeared in ‘The Keep’, an online roleplaying game/interactive writing project. ‘The Keep’s original premise was yaoi bishounen (m/m pretty boys) in a fantasy setting, but that premise broadened to include a variety of characters. Some of them were yuri bishoujo (f/f pretty girls). I was one of them; a messed up lost scion of a vampire dominated house, a former blood toy (a term the Keep writers came up for the playthings of the vampires, who were addicted to the vampire bite), and a Library Angel (one of the waifs/lost children/teenagers taken in by the Keep’s Library, one of the few neutral spots in the ongoing war between vampires and clerics. Yes, there was an ongoing war between vampires and clerics in ‘The Keep’s universe. Our walled city was one of the few places the two factions balanced each other out, keeping each other in check.) It was at ‘The Keep’ that I met Amberwyne. You’ve read about her various incarnations, if you’ve read ‘A is for Amberwyne, here and at inspirationcauldron.wordpress.com. When I first met her, she was a little girl, the embodiment of my more innocent self. She split off from me, becoming a separate identity, after a nasty encounter with a faerie queen. Recently, I’ve been appearing in story fragments, which my author has written. She’s decided to gathered these fragments into a whole, calling them ’The Players Are the Thing’.  ‘The Players Are the Thing’ concerns a group of roleplayers, who write about their characters’ adventures interactively online. The game becomes a way for the players to express some of the frustrations/angers in their lives. A lot of themselves is poured into their characters, bringing them to life. When the players start to self destruct,  their characters try to help their players out. They use the magic of their fantasy setting to take over their players in turn, so they can roleplay them in turn. It’s only recently my author has come up with the overall plot to this story. What she’s been writing about a lot is me; my interests, my reasons for playing the game, my creation of Amberwyne, and my problems with the other players. Yes, Amberwyne is my character for the game in this story, who tries to help me, even as I play here. I’ve appeared in other universes, too. I was going to be in ‘Waiting for Rebirth’ (see ‘C is for Christopher’, ‘D is for Damian’ and ‘G is for Gabrielle’ at the Cauldron of Eternal Inspiration at inspirationcauldron.wordpress.com), as a customer at the Navel. I was going to find Amberwyne, in doll form, sitting on one of the shelves. I’d recognize her instantly. Ultimately, our part was cut from ‘Waiting for Rebirth’, much to my regret. Still, I’d rather have my own story with Amberwyne than a fragment in someone else’s novel. A novel would be even better. If you’d be interested in a story like ‘The Players Are the Thing’, could you please let my author know? Thank you. My author writes about me a lot, or she used to, but I haven’t been getting as much attention lately.  


  1. At the risk of sounding glib, I like your name. It's beautiful!
    Awakening Dreams and Conquering Nightmares with a Pen
    I hope you are having a day as lovely as what I’m enjoying on my back porch this fine Tuesday.

  2. Thank you! Alas, my day hasn't been so lovely, since I didn't get much sleep last night. I was busy making changes to 'A Symposium in Space' at the request of my editor. Now, inspirationcauldron.wordpress.com isn't letting me post. :( Today is Rhodry's day there, too, so it was important. :(

    1. How frustrating! I hope today is better, dear.

    2. Much better, thank you! :) I finished the edits and managed to get Rhodry in at my other Cauldron. Plus, I got a good night's sleep! :) I'm much better. :)