Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Y is for Ylynessa

Do I truly need to tell you who I am? I would think it painfully obvious that I’m Lady Ylynessa Caerac of Caerac Keep. Yes, I’m the younger sister of Lord William Caerac, as well as his right hand in running this place. (see ‘W is for William). Don’t give me that look. Just because there’s little resemblance between us doesn’t mean we’re not blood relations. What is that suit of armour, which constantly follows me around? Don’t be rude, that’s the Captain of the Guard, but he takes my safety, as well as my brother’s safety very seriously. (see ‘U is for Undine’). Why doesn’t he ever open his visor? Why should he open his visor? He can see quite perfectly, even with it closed. How is that possible? Well, wouldn’t you like to know? A Keep’s security must have its secrets and the Captain of the Guard is essential to our Keep’s security. The only time he leaves is to deliver messages to my Aunt Xyna, who lives outside the Keep. Yes, I know that’s odd, living outside one of the walled cities in Rowenda, where the monsters roam. I suppose my aunt is a bit odd. She likes to keep in touch with me, though, which is why I send her letters. Is she related to our father, or our mother? Whose? Oh, William and mine! Why, I don’t know. How very odd. You’d think I’d know something like that. Why are you asking me all these questions? My time is very precious. I’m the one who oversees the docks, the temples, and everything which goes in Caerac Keep, which my brother doesn’t. Yes, of course, I know about the disappearances, which have taken place here. It’s nonsense to say it’s all the work of some mythical resurrected vampire, even if there are ghouls and zombies wandering about. No doubt, it’s a rogue magic user of some sort. Rogue magic users have a tendency to creep into the bad areas of town, setting up shop as local quacks, or hedge witches. Even worse is when they’re actually heretics from the old Order of the Dragon. The Dragons have a lot more power than hedge witches do, plus they’re not afraid of necromancy. These ghouls and zombies may be their handiwork. If so, I need to talk with the local Unicorn priestess. There’s no need to get too alarmed, though, even if there are Dragons in the Keep. My brother is having a group of very talented, sensitive magic users investigate what’s happening at Caerac Keep. Yes, I know they’re young, but I have full confidence in their abilities. Besides, I’m fully ready to back them up with local Unicorn clerics, if necessary. We do have a mage of our own in the Keep, one whom my brother is, ahem, quite fond of. I’m sure he’s capable of assisting our young magelings, if they get into any serious scrapes. Between him and the Unicorn priestess, we’ll take care of whatever is attacking Caerac Keep’s citizens. Please don’t worry and just go about your business here. You have my personal guarantee nothing will happen to you. You’re still uneasy? Why, all this is simply a bunch of ideas in our author’s head, which she’s considering putting in a story called ‘Trouble at Caerac Keep’. I doubt very much she’ll have something too diabolical planned, not when I’m playing a major role in this story. I’m certain my brother and I won’t let matters get too out of hand at our Keep. It’s not as if we were being controlled by invisible masters, following agendas, which aren’t our own! Is it?  

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