Thursday, April 7, 2016

G is for Grace

Hello, I’m Grace. I’m the first main character my author ever wrote about in a short story. She was only eleven at the time. I was born in a teddy bear journal my author’s best friend gave her. My author named the princess I rescued in this story after her best friend, Nathalie. Later, my author wrote a sequel to this story, in which my name was changed to Heidi, after another of her best friends. Both stories were quite dreadful. I think our author packed us all up and put us away for a while, because our stories were so dreadful. There were teddy bears in the story, too, which were quite popular, when our author was a child. They’re not so popular, now. Nostalgia and working with a new publisher made our author decide to resurrect us all for a story she’s writing, called ‘Wind Me Up, One More Time’. It’s our author’s first attempt at steampunk. ‘Wind Me Up, One More Time’ was meant to be about growing up and growing away from your childhood toys, only to rediscover them. However, the story isn’t going the way our author intended. Nathalie, Ted, Iama, and myself are all in it, only Iama is now a girl, while Ted is short for Theodora, rather than Theodore. Hopefully, our story will be finished and submitted, soon. We keep getting put on hold for other projects, but well, that’s how our author is. I’ve been with her for the longest, so I’ve learned to have a bit more patience with her than some of our other characters. 


  1. Aww, thank you very much! (blushes) Happy blogging to you as well! :)