Monday, April 4, 2016

D is for Dyvian

Welcome. Please spare a thought? If you do, a coin will manifest in your hand. What does the sign on the back of that coin mean? Why, nothing, until you start believing in It. If you do, the sign will change, according to your whim. Eventually, It will become your own personal god. Right now, It’s only a goldling, but It’ll become more, much more, if you take this coin. It will transform you into whatever you desire to be, depending on how much of yourself you invest into your thoughts. A single wish helps to focus those thoughts. I ought to know. I’ve been both god and devil, transformed by the eyes, hands, and hearts of my beholders in the Shadow Forest. Who am I? Once upon a time, I was Once Upon a Time; the beginning, the lover, and the completion of Happily Ever After, until he shattered me. Now, I’ve become the disguise I once wore of a simple lord. I’m using my position and power to save other creatures like myself. Creatures of reality and imagination, forced to find themselves in a world, which denies them. I particularly want to help my precious Leiwell, my once loyal follower. He lost so much of himself in the Shadow Forest. If I’m to help him, I must help his family, too. Particularly those little brothers of his. It’s because of Leiwell’s brothers that I’m putting this plan into action. Danyell and Dayell opened up quite a few Doors, shall we say, in ‘The Hand and the Eye of the Tower’. This gave me an idea of how to create/ressurect Seraphix in this world. This plan should come into fruition in the book, ‘A Godling for Your Thoughts?’  Not that our author has been of much help. She hasn’t even gotten around to revising ‘The Hand and the Eye of the Tower’ for publication, although I know she plans to work on ‘A Godling for Your Thoughts?’ during NaNoWriMo. It may be time for Seraphix and I to crawl into her dreams, start working on her imagination, so her attention returns to us. After all, we’ve been in that imagination for a very long time. 

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