Friday, April 22, 2016

U is for Undine

For I believe Undine was once my name, when I swam in the sea, fluid as the waters. I was drawn to a maiden, standing at the water’s edge. How curious she seemed, with her solid shape! It drew me closer. Too close. She had a bottle in her hand. The last thing I remember was her smile, as everything I was was sucked into that bottle. Contained, trapped, all I could do was bubble in helpless rage, until I was released into a suit of armour. Since my release, I’ve played the part of the ‘Captain of the Guard’ at Caerac Keep. I’ve seen the maiden, only she’s much older now. She’s the sister of the Lord at Caerac Keep, but she has plans of her own, of which her brother knows nothing. People have been disappearing into the darkness of the night. In truth, they’ve been walking into traps. Traps which the Lady Ylynessa has set. Fresh meat is needed for the monsters who serve her. There’s a fouler purpose for these abductions, for Ylynessa is experimenting with necromancy. Many of the monsters are truly her victims, such as myself. If only I could do something. I’ve seen a group of youngsters, trying to figure out what’s happening at Caerac Keep. As long as I’m bound to the armour, I must serve Ylynessa, but I want to help these youngsters. Perhaps there’s some subtle way I can, clues I can leave for them as what’s truly happening here. I want nothing more than to stop Ylynessa, but I’m helpless for as long as I’m bound to this armour.


  1. Why, thank you! (blushes) I'll admit, Undine was a recent idea of mine, although I've been playing with variations of Ylynessa and Caerac Keep for years. :)

    1. Best wishes on bringing them to the world!

    2. Thank you! Although my next projects will be revising all of my Shadow Forest material, so it's ready for publication. :) I've also got four interviews pending, as well as a 'Fairest' release party (Briar and Harold's story) and a 'Theory of Love' release party I'm hosting, or hosting part of. :)