Tuesday, April 4, 2023

C is for Caerac

All I get is a bit as a resurrected corpse in Trouble at Caerac Keep. I’m there to tell these meddling young adventurers what they need to know. To think they don’t like being called adventurers! Why, adventurers shaped history when I was alive. Have they forgotten that the walled city they’re trying to save wouldn’t exist if I hadn’t built it? There wouldn’t be a Caerac Keep without me. No walls for humans to keep the monsters out from the wild, hungry land. No lair for vampires to lurk in plain sight, wearing a deceptive mask to fool their prey. No place for necromancers to ply their skills, stealing victims and resurrecting decent folk like myself to assist in their evil places. I even created my own mausolem where anyone could show up and bother me. Huh, a fair point. Shutting up now.

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