Thursday, April 27, 2023

W is for William

There’s Trouble at Caerac Keep, even after I’ve worked so hard to make it a safe haven for humans in a land of monsters. People aren’t even calling us monsters any more. We’re nonhumans. Hunting and taking our treasure has gone out of fashion. I’ve done my best to encourage this. Not to mention I’ve made my own hunts discreet and non-lethal. I’ve been a good lord of Caerac Keep, better than many a human one. Why is someone disturbing the peace I’ve cultivated over a century? Why is someone crying vampire? I’d know if my master was back. The disappearances, the sickness, no. Something else is at work in this Keep. I’ll use these wide-eyed young fools, desperate to find their lost ones to flush the culprit out. Yes, one of those lost ones is Daeric Nevalyn, something which concerns me. I need him back. I need lure my enemy out. These tender morsels should do it, especially if my adversary is a vampire. Not that I believe they are.

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