Wednesday, April 12, 2023

J is for Jupitre

Stealing Myself From Shadows, pah! Such a feeble path of persuasion is for weak women and mortal men. Why I was a god! The god! Why should I beg The Hand and the Tower for favors when I can batter the tower himself with my lightning? Why should I give A Godling for Your Thoughts? You stopped believing in me. You lost faith in me. You are My Tool, My Treasure no longer. Let my wife spin her Web of Inspiration. I’m too strong for such snares. Once My Cusps Overfloweth when a beautiful boy brought my cup to me. What a sour old man he’s become. Nothing is as it was. Even the wine has lost its savor. Once I would have punished you for mocking my pain. Now I must beg you for scraps of faith. If this is being humbled, it is too cruel for the gods. Save your humiliation for lesser men. I refuse to bow, even if my back is bending of its own accord.

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