Saturday, April 29, 2023

Y is for Ylynessa

What cowards call Trouble at Caerac Keep, I call the first steps in bringing down the walls of isolation keeping us from the world. I dream our city transforming into a better place, a more honest place. A place where nonhumans don’t have to hide whom they are, what they are, or their appetites. My brother, William has hidden himself for too long. He won’t share his gifts with me because he’s ashamed of them. No more shame. I’m going to take down the walls between William and myself as well. Let the fanged, the shifters, all accused of being monstrous be welcomed. I have allies in this endeavor, allies whom encourage me. My brother would not approve of them. He’ll come around. Everyone will. If they don’t, well, I may have to make difficult decisions. Change can be cruel, but I musn’t let my fears stopped me. A villain can be more essential than a hero, even if she must strike from shadows, betraying those she cares about. Even as I tear down their world, I remind myself that it’s to build a better one for them.

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