Wednesday, April 5, 2023

D is for Dyvian and Danyel, Not Tayel


I am the Voice which calls all of you to Seraphix. Including you, my little ones, The Hand and the Eye of the Tower. Stealing Myself From the Shadows was only the beginning. I called Leiwell, My Tool, My Treasure forth to feast upon my rebellious lord’s son. Caught in a Web of Inspiration I was feasted upon myself by my bride in the Gardens of Arachne. My spirit took flight into shadow rather than become trapped in stone. I became the hungry mouth at the beginning of all story, swallowing myth to become one myself. I’ve been god and devil, offering you A Godling for Your Thoughts? Yet I serve both. Greater than love, I’m always motivated by love. I’ve been both slave and master, whispering secrets and spinning my own webs. Denounced as a villain, never daring to be a hero, My Cusps Overfloweth. This is just a taste of what I am, little ones. Tell me, who are you?


I chose my name just as Tayel and I chose to be The Hand and the Eye of the Tower. Yes, I’m Stealing Myself From Shadows by giving the shadows a little of themselves back. A Godling for Your Thoughts? Maybe there is a godling in what I give. A godling gave me life, showing me what life could be or was he a shadow? My Tool, My Treasure could be so many things, for I’m constantly them in so many people, so many objects. If I hand something back, even if it’s just a rock, I hope they’ll remember something they thought was lost. I can be caught in a Web of Inspiration, but I’m hoping I’ll learn something when I do. If only I can avoid getting eaten. My Cusps Overfloweth or one day they will. How is a cusp like a cup? There’s no answer to that. Unless there’s a lot of answers.


People think I’m the strange one. You wonder why I won’t leave Danyel even though my name no longer starts with D. I won’t leave him when we’re The Hand and the Eye of the Tower. I may be Stealing Myself From Shadows for the shadows and I are one. No, I won’t explain as you divide us into a single self. A Godling for Your Thoughts? You’re just opening a Door with that question I’m struggling to close. My Tool, My Treasure are titles which fill me with fear even if they’re willingly claimed. All too aware we’re trapped in a Web of Inspiration, we wander a maze which takes us to the center where a monster awaits. My Cusps Overfloweth as do Danyel as they lock and enjoin. Ask me no more questions. I have no desire to see the answers lying behind them.

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