Friday, April 28, 2023

X is for Xylanthe

I may recall A Suitor’s Challenge and the catastrophic change it brought to Ouroborous. A empire fell. Independent realms rose and monsters roared. Delicious times. I was part of a Circle of Thirteen in one of those realms before it split into Graeca and Aethyria. I was driven out along with the men, driven into the Dark Circle. This became my lair, my grief, my queendom. I was never lonely. I fed well. There was always a juicy adventurer willing to seek my head, my treasure, and his own glory. Sometimes they came in droves. I always made sure one escaped, to tell tales of monsters and riches waiting for the bold to claim. It lured many a would-be hero here. Only adventuring is no longer considered heroic. Slaying monsters and taking their treasure is considered wrong. Such moral questions have left me alone and hungry. Such an attitude has forced me to employ other methods to lure food into my lair. If these methods should cause Trouble at Caerac Keep, let its lord suffer it. Especially if it means he’ll be sending some tender morsels my way to stop me.

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