Saturday, April 15, 2023

M is for Map

Stealing Myself From Shadows is no easy thing. I’m just trying to keep myself together, even though I’m scattered all over the place. Got to keep an eye on my boys, my girls, all of my children even if they’re not. No, I’m not explaining. I’m not about to let them by transformed and used as The Hand and the Eye of the Tower. A Godling for Your Thoughts? Not wise, trading godhood in Omphalos as if it was a market place for omnipotence. I try not think of anyone as My Tool, My Treasure, even though aspects of me obsess over certain individuals as if they were collectables. I’m also trying not to get caught in a Web of Inspiration, although I’m afraid I’m already part of it. My Cusps Overfloweth as long as I have my loved ones around me. Not that I’m ever sure how long that will last.

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