Friday, April 7, 2023

F is for Faith

There is Trouble at Caerac Keep. My sisters are I are right in the middle of it, even if we are the Points of the Unicorn’s Horn. If the undead hunt within our city’s walls, we should be the ones banishing them. Instead one of my sisters, Hope, is one of the many disappearances happening in Caerac Keep. My other sister, Charity, languishes in an illness, a lethargy, and a lack of spirit, sporting two small red holes in her neck. The legendary kiss of a vampire. Nor is she the only one to suffer this kiss. Only the Serpent Born warlock I’ve been forced to work with insists this sickness is not the work of vampires. Hah! As if I could trust a word he says. Not that the creepy sorcerer or the disturbingly attractive Aethyrian are any worthier of trust. Still I’ve been commanded not only by Lord William Caerac and Lady Ylynessa, but by the Order of the Unicorn itself to work with these three. To find our lost ones and a cure for this illness. To find out who’s behind it all. For the sake of my sister, the Unicorn, and Caerac Keep itself, I will do so. No matter how much my stomach turns or my heart protests.

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