Thursday, April 6, 2023

E is for Emma

Your Name Is Emma. You like the coffee so much in this cafe, you cannot leave it. Not even after your death. You’re not sure why you died. Here is where you drank cafe mocha after cafe mocha, scribbling bits of story in your notebooks. Now you’re part of a story yourself, a far less pleasant position. You can only drink coffee if you possess someone here. Your ex-girlfriend Esther allows you to use hers, but she getting tired of accomodating your ghostly needs. She was already tired of it when you were alive. You’ll have to hurry, figure out why you died, finish one of the snippets you were scribbling. Otherwise the Soul Catchers will find you. They’re already looking for you. Whatever happens, you don’t want to be caught by them. The Soul Catchers are the reasons there aren’t too many ghosts around. You’re not sure how long you can stay ahead of them. Not to mention there’s only so far you can run.

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