Sunday, April 30, 2023

Z is for Zoe

The Players Are the Thing, at least I always thought so. I agreed to be part of Beatrix roleplaying campaign in order to get closer to Rhane, who is also in the game. I want to see what lies behind Rhane’s far-away gaze, why she’s so fixated, yet dreamy. I believe I’m beginning to understand. I’m getting far more attached to Rhiannon, my character than I thought I would. She’s so vivid and vivacious, even if she was once a non-player character of Beatrix’s. I almost feel like she’s whispering warnings to me about Beatrix, about certain dice a times. Beatrix seems a little sick, frustrated, and on edge after being in contact with hers for too long. I almost wonder if she’s enjoying herself, running this game. Maybe it’s time for a time-out, a break from our campaign. Somehow that feels like running away. I’m not sure what to do other than draw Rhane away from the dice for a while. Sometimes Mona watches me, us with sad eyes when I do this. Sorry, Mona. Isolde is the one having a romance with Amberwyne, not you. Why am I confusing Rhane with Amber? I’m not confusing myself with Rhiannon. Rhiannon would happily seduce everyone. She’s a bit of a flirt and then some. It is fun to play her. Sometimes Rhane, Mona, and I relax around each other playing our characters a way we never do when we’re ourselves. If only Beatrix could relax, have a bit more fun. I’ve got figure out ways to help her to do this.

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