Thursday, April 13, 2023

K is for Kevin

There’s Trouble at Caerac Keep and I’m right in the middle of it. To think I came here to avoid trouble. Living with Maggie, ex-adventurer and mistress of The Tipsy Hedgehog tavern was a way to hide in plain sight. I could keep my eyes and ears open while serving drinks, watching and listening the clientele. Only that clientele keep disappearing or falling prey to a mysterious illness too many say is the kiss of a vampire. Not even the clerics of the Temple of the Unicorn are immune to this. As if I didn’t have enough problems of my own which might come find me. I was hoping for a more diverting distraction, like working up the courage to speak more with Rhodry, the beautiful Serpent-Born whom sometimes comes to The Tipsy Hedgehog, but never with anyone. Now he’s with three people, trying to find out what going on at Caerac Keep, who’s responsible for the sickness and the disappearances. If the Vampire Corwyth has truly risen to take his revenge or not. All I know is I wish to help Rhodry and allies along with this Keep which has given me shelter. No matter how terrified I am of what’s going on.

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